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Welcome to The Fit Fork !

Our menu opens 6am MST on Wednesday and closes at 1pm MST on Fridays. Pick Up/ Delivery on Mondays and times may vary. You will be contacted on delivery day to confirm and our system will send out notifications when ready/being delivered.

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Pickup Address: 6905 87 Street, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Forkin' Good Meals


The dish that started it all and made us famous! Bold, flavourful Buffalo Pulled chicken paired with macaroni with our house-made secret cheese sauce. This dish alone will have you coming back again and again! It's our #1 seller Every. Single. Week. Macros Calories 390 Protein 43G Carbs 31G Fats 10G Fibre 5G


Buffalo Chicken Mac'n'Cheese

Image of Buffalo Chicken Mac'n'Cheese


Marinated tender chicken with bold flavours, paired with a Greek style pasta salad So fresh, so flavourful!


Greek Lemon Chicken with Pasta Salad & Tzatziki

Image of Greek Lemon Chicken with Pasta Salad & Tzatziki


This Taco Salad was in our very first ever menu drop last August 2023! Who doesn't love a good, fresh taco salad?! Macros Calories 393 Protein 36G Carbs 10G Fats 23G Fiber 2G


Taco Salad

Image of Taco Salad


Super tender stew beef cubes in a teriyaki style sauce over rice and broccoli, topped with julienne carrots and sesame seeds. This beef is to die for! Macros Calories 430 Protein 39G Carbs 50G Fats 8G Fiber 6G


Beef and Broccoli on Rice

Image of Beef and Broccoli on Rice

Snacks & Stuff


This week's flavour: Lemon Blueberry Our famous protein packed mini protein cheesecakes pack a whopping 10G protein in each one and they taste like a regular cheesecake, no protein powder!! We change up the flavour quite often, some past flavours include lemon blueberry, coconut, caramel macchiato, pumpkin swirl, apple pie, and more! One order comes with 3 pieces. Macros per one (*approx, may fluctuate depending on recipe) Calories 171 Protein 10G Carbs 12G Fat 9G


Mini Protein Cheesecakes

Image of Mini Protein Cheesecakes

Bulk Proteins


Our Famous Buffalo Chicken all on it's own! Sold in 16 ounce portions. Macros per 4oz Calories 178 Protein 31G Carbs 3G Fat 4G *photo depicts entire meal - this item is ONLY the buffalo chicken with NO noodles included)*


Buffalo Chicken

Image of Buffalo Chicken

Weekly Menu

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