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Learn more about my services 

  • Fill out an in-depth questionnaire to tell us more about your body, goals, training, food preferences, and more. We will prescribe customized macros based on what information you provide us. One time calculation, any adjustments needing to be made are not included in this service.

    I take the guesswork out of nutrition and macros. 

  • This service is fluid and will vary by client. We will take your provided macronutrient break downs, and your number of meals per day and days per week you are wanting meal prep done for and will adjust our recipes to as closely meet your requirements as possible. Some clients order their entire food for the work, some add in a snack or two themselves, some take a day off each week, etc. This is highly individualized.

    I cook, you pick up and track on MFP

  • We offer individual nutrition coaching, either in person or remotely, to help you achieve your nutrition and body composition goals. This service comes with check -ns on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, with prices varying depending on how often you want to check in with your coach. This service is a monthly prepaid service which includes your custom macronutrients calculation, ongoing access to your coach, adjustments needed to your macros as you progress, as well as your check ins and feedback from your coach.

    Tailored to you and flexible access to your program

Amanda Wozny

Amanda has found a passion for fitness and nutrition through transforming her own life. As a busy Mom of 3 and serial entrepreneur she came up with the idea for The Fit Fork after many friends suggested her amazing looking healthy meals should be available for purchase. With that, The Fit Fork was born and launched that same week and it's been nothing but amazing ever since!

Amanda is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach. With her knowledge and experience, she has curated a business that is built around serving her customers in a way that helps them create their best version of themselves through nutrition and fitness. 

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