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Fresh Meal Prep Service

Welcome to The Fit Fork! 

We provide "Forking Good Food" for busy humans looking to simplify their nutrition. 

We work with a wide variety of clients from athletes to business owners to shift workers in the oilfield. We keep them fueled with high protein meals prepared with fresh ingredients. We are conscious of the overall balance of macronutrients in our meals, but we also aim to make them taste absolutely amazing and look just as good as they taste!

Our meals are also available to track on MyFitnessPal if you are into macro tracking. We pre-load all menu items in MFP for your convenience. 

There currently is two ways to enjoy our meals: order direct through this website when we are accepting orders, or you can also visit Rebel Fit Nutrition over by WalMart in Grande Prairie and purchase them to grab-and-go. We drop off to Rebel Fit twice weekly. 

If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Orders open 6AM Wednesday until 1PM Fridays, pick up the following Monday!

Let me help with your goals!

We offer full nutrition services including custom macros, one-on-one in person and remote nutrition coaching, and custom tailored meals for your specific needs and goals. Reach out to learn more!

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